All these elements exist in our day-to-day business environment, but they are not always 100% and they tend to change rapidly. Hence, they are in a mix. Critical to any organization’s success is to navigate through this mix and here is where we could help through our consulting experience.

» Project in spotlight: Workshop on How to Integrate GenAI in Your Business «

  • About AI and generative AI - definition, history, and context
  • Advantages - productivity, innovation, and costs
  • Human-AI collaboration, including training and skill development
  • Change management considerations
  • Ethics in use, data security and privacy
  • Regulation of the field - relevant paragraphs from GDPR, EU AI Act
  • Interactive, customized examples

"As a manufacturing organization, we were curious about the potential of AI, and we felt that we were left behind. Lacking the internal resources (human and time) in programing and computer science, we reached out to outside experts.

Bogdan’s presentation was comprehensive, structured, and clear, including a series of introductory notions, but also touching concepts like Machine Learning, GenAI, and Large Language Models. Through real-world use cases, from our industry and market, he introduced us to the deep field of AI, making a strong case for us to start focusing on the new opportunities.

I strongly recommend Bogdan as an open-minded, highly skilled resource in the domain, if you’re new, just looking to start, or at an advanced level."

Lucian Man, PhD eMBA

Director of Operations, Ross Industries Inc.


Map all the elements of the business environment around you.
Include the risks and the potential opportunities...


"All models are wrong, but some are useful" (George Box)
What is the model/framework that works for you?


Assess the elements discovered
and build the strategic options
based on the model you've identified in the previous step.


Grow your
clients / customers / users / followers / fans


Tell your story to the world beyond 
"Hello, World!"


Expand your business 
in different areas/regions/verticals